Artist statement

 Next to my name it says "The beauty of imperfection".

That is characteristic for my work. 

Loose ends, visible knots and threads. 

Cracks where you might think, that should't be there!

Well, that is me.

I think life has loose ends. Life brings knots, wrinkles and cracks. 

Life makes us vulnerable, love makes us vulnerable.

It brings wrinkles next to our eyes from laughing, next to our mouth from crying.

It makes us who we are. 

When I discovered the art of BORO, it clicked in  me. 

It clicked all the way back to that girl who made flowers out of little holes in her blouse.

Where others hide or throw away, I start embellishing. 

I love to knit, to embroider, to quilt. I love doing mixed media. I love to write, too. 

In every artform I follow my own pattern. Sometimes I draw before I work, or I design purposefully, and sometimes the work reveals itselfs under my hands. That's where my soul reveals itselfs, too. 

If you are curious, please contact me. 

I would love to meet you!

Love, Hilda