My first quiltteacher was Greetje Hein. 

She learned me how to quilt at Hobby Time in Zeewolde. 

After several classes I was seriously hooked.

I went to Quilten Speciaal 14, a 2-year artquiltclass where I got lessons from 

* Jette Clover, 

* Els van Baarle, 

* Cherilyn Martin and others. 

What I learned was that I like to work in my own way. 

Teachers and other artist can off course inspire, but I have to go my own way. If I don't, I get unhappy.

This is my endpiece for these classes. It is called "Love is strong as death".

After these classes I had masterclasses from:

* Marijke van Welzen (using collage to make a coat) 

* Roxanne Evans- Stout (mixed media) 

I had work on exhibitions:

* In Den Bosch, Dalfsen, Alkmaar en Deventer (as part of the end-exhibition from QS 14)

* At the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham

I really hope to get more changes to show my work!

I became volunteer for our National Quilters Guild, to organize quiltingdays in my region, AND I blogged for their website. I did that a couple of years, and since 2020 I went from there to a volunteerjob as member of the board for Quiltfestival Noord Groningen and the National Quilt Collection. 

I blog, sometimes about quilting, sometimes about other stuff. 

You can find my blog here: